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IT’ was a  fun day before Easter...

The Hi Country Basenji Club had a Fun day on Saturday April 15,2017.
There were many Basenjies that brought their owners.  They first all did a greet and meet until the party started.  There were some special guest and one guest gave Bear the basiengi the Yodeller a massage and then she used him to demo the latest chiropractic techniques.  Boy he was walking great after that even for an old dog.  

Then the next guest talked about the importants of ID chips, website and other important locator for when dogs go missing  When dogs get lost it is the main defense to helping your dog get home.  The speaker talked about her experience and how her dog finally got home. This story will be more elabrated on later in the month. 


After that the dogs took a break and walked around a little while the owners socialized.  Then the party started.  Several other dogs and owners came in and then the costume were changed into and a costume contest was put on.  There were rabbits, dangling eggs in a spectrum of color, a chicken and even a easter spider.  It was much fun nd the dogs had a good wag.  Three basenjies won.   


After that the dogs went on a search for their favorite treats in plastic eggs.  Using there strong sense of smellthey located the hidden treats.  The rest of the day went from there. 


Check out the photo in the next couple of days.

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